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Hanoi Cyclo Tours
Cyclo +Street Food Tour 4hours
Cyclo + Puppet Show +street food 5h
Cyclo + Water Puppet Show 2 hours
Sightseeing old quarter cyclo 1 hour
Sightseeing old quarter cyclo 2 hour
Old quarter visited +cyclo 3 hours
City visited + Cyclo tour 5 hours
City visited + Cyclo tour 8 hours
Urban Hanoi Homestay 2days
Hanoi Cyclo Tours
Hanoi Cyclo Tours - Unique Way to Discover Hanoi - Amazing Hanoi Cyclo Excursion
An hour Cyclo to See old Quarter 4 hours Cyclo + Food Tour Cyclo + Food + Water Puppet 5h
10 $/01 Person . More Read 25 $/01 Person . More Read 30 $/01 Person . More Read
3 hour street food walking tour street food tour by Motorbike City tour home cooking By Motorbike
20 USD/01 Person 45 USD/01 Person

69 USD/01 Person

Hanoi street food tours by scooters
4 hours Hanoi street food tour by Scooters - 59 $/Person
What better way to get around Hanoi than by a scooter? They are practical, effectively gets you through the traffic during certain hours and best of all, they are cheap modes of transportation. Add street food tasting along with the experience and have the time of your life roaming around Hanoi’s best spots.
Select from any option of departure times scheduled around the day. Departures take place during three different hours, you are welcome to select from. Some places to visit are the Big Church, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Old Quarter and the Long Bien Bridge. Costing no more than $60.00 you will be provided a scooter as well as a driver to drive you around town as well as serving as your guide. The best cuisines you can expect to enjoy during your two hour trip are Bahn Cuon, Bun Cha, Bun Rieu Cha, Chao Ca, Xoi sticky rice and also the Pho. With so many things to look forward to experiencing an seeing in Hanoi, Vietnam, being assisted by a professional team is a great start. The list goes on hence don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions. The best way to get to know a country and its people is through its food.
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Cyclo Tours & Rental Services Hanoi Vietnam

A Cyclo Ride Tours In Hanoi – See The Best Of Hanoi On A Bicycle
A piece of mind for people coming to Hanoi is they should be exploring the beauty of city’s outskirts before they enter the city. Yes, Hanoi gets even closer to your heart when you get on Hanoi cyclo toursand explore the beauty of the city. People get into argument that rather than taking a cyclo walking around is far better. Sure walking will earn you some precious moments to click amazing photographs but it is nearly impossible to walk to the old streets or the lake. Walking won’t help living the beauty of the place as you need somebody to be accosting you.
What’s a cyclo Tour ?
A cyclo is a simple bicycle taxi which is pedaled by a cyclo driver behind you. The open and clear design of the cyclo doesn’t provide you any hindrance while taking snap shots or enjoying the wonderful sightseeing. Cyclo is a cleaner and comfortable medium to explore the city of Hanoi. The beauty wrapped in the old streets is best enjoyed sitting on a cyclo and drifting smoothly.
The cyclo ride in Hanoi
When you are visiting Hanoi, then it would be pretty interesting for you if you could take an hour ride before starting the Hanoi tour. This will ease your bearings and bring you close to the city. The culture, art and beauty are best explored when you are on foot, but in Hanoi getting to the old streets and the lake in foot is no smart option. The cyclo are the easy and comfortable medium available which give you the liberty to capture the beauty of the place in your cameras and also breathe the culture.
The cyclo drivers make your introductory or say the first ride in city even more memorable with their knowledge, so when you are being guided by the drivers, be ready for new dimensions of tourism.
Where to find cyclos?
Now when you have made up your mind for exploring Hanoi on a cyclo, then you must be worried about how to get a cyclo in Hanoi? Well the internet has the solution to everything and so your problem too. You could be selecting cyclos and booking them from internet. The websites are present there who arrange cyclos for you. The websites are very user friendly and accurate. It’s a guarantee that you will get a cyclo at the end to give you a great Hanoi cyclo tour.
Cyclo Hanoi history and information
Cyclo Hanoi is one of the most amazing activities visted
Originally inspired by Japanese rickshaws pulled by strong arms, the trishaw made its debut in Hanoi under the French colonial period.
Explore old Quarter Hanoi by cyclo to dive in the soul of Hanoi. This "authentic" way allow visitors discover the city center in intense emotions. It's like you are in the centre of a whirlwind of movement, wrapped in a cacophony of horns and the bustle of people who trying to make their way in the middle of all this excitement.
This is another interesting point of view letting you catch scenes of daily life of city, traders, small restaurants, sidewalks… They are a feast for eyes (dazzled by all these colors), nose (suprised by the spicy flavors of Asia) and ears (to whom are not used to noise and Vietnamese language) ...
It is not easy for a particular vehicle to exist, to be honoured and loved for generations. However, a rudimentary and simple cyclo in Vietnam has done it!
It is just simple and ordinary as its appearance. No noisy sound from engines, no obscure smoke and no spending too much for commuting.
From a long time, Vietnamese people have thought of the cyclo as a familiar means of transport when going out. It is not only close-knit to Vietnamese but also strongly connected with foreigners as all of them are attracted by this unique means at first sight visiting Vietnam.
Under the sweltering sunlight, the cyclo driver bends his back over his vehicle. That heavy cycling makes sweat roll down his cheeks.
Despite the hard work, he does not want to say farewell to the old cycle for a more modern, newer vehicle. This is because the cyclo has become an indispensable part of his family.
Not only do the Vietnamese feel close to cyclo, but foreigners are also impressed by this unique vehicle. You will be surely fond of sitting on a cyclo touring around Restored Sword Lake or along the streets at sunset.
You can take a full view of Vietnam’s water and mountains into your eyes and minds.
Besides, you can traverse shady streets perfumed with the scent of Hanoi flowers or take dreamy and peaceful photos in the ancient citadel.Dont be worry ,you could drive it Hanoi Cyclo Tours
Discovery Some cities in Vietnam in a cyclo is the time for peacefully welcoming windy sunset and bright sunrise on the beach of Nha Trang or Danang or elsewhere. How pleasant it is for you to enjoy relaxation on a short urban trip.
In big cities, there are more and more cyclos on the streets. They are sometimes decorated colourfully for weddings. It is exciting, jolly and strangely unique wedding ceremony to recall the old days of plain and lovely memories.
They want to harmonize the dynamism of modern society and the sincere, peaceful life of the old days.
Vietnam is becoming more and more modern, however, the cyclo still survives, bearing in the minds of local residents, a rudimentary means of transport that has been part and parcel of their lives.
When thinking of Vietnam, tourists not only remember pho (noodle), ao dai (long dress), palm-leaf conical hats, but also a simple vehicle with three wheels, which makes you “fly” around the ancient streets in Vietnam. It is the cyclo, a surprising miracle in the eyes of foreigners!

Reviews of Hanoi Cyclo Tours :Visited the Old Quarter numerous times during our stay in Hanoi and you never get bored. So much to take in. Best to catch a Cyclo first or the Electric car to get your bearings and to take the area in. It is an extremely busy area, with cars, buses, scooters, chickens and people. Be careful when crossing the road due to traffic in he area.Lots of shops, restaurants and bars to be enjoyed! More Read ..,
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